Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Life of an Author

Last night I attended an author event at Powell's Books. Scott Calhoun is the owner of Zona Gardens and the author of Designer Plant Combinations, a book from Storey Publishing. We met him before the event for dinner at the deli counter of New Seasons (the best grocery store in Portland). In between bites of our sandwiches and salads, he told us bits about his trip, his family, and his garden design business.

One of the unique aspects of publishing is the speed of the schedule and the rigor of producing new books every season, which can be both good and bad. On the plus side, the chance to work with new material all the time keeps me on my feet and doesn't really allow time for boredom. But, the schedule can make it difficult to sit down and really get to know the author behind each great idea. When I do get a chance to spend time with an author and hear stories about his dog, and his daughter, and the trials of a book tour, I get a better sense of the book they've written. It's an opportunity that I wish happened more often.

Kathryn Juergens, sales and marketing assoctiate

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