Monday, July 20, 2009

In the Tank for Grasses

One of the joys of summer is that I very rarely have to mow my lawn. (I never water it, so I don’t have to worry about that either--hooray for grasses going dormant, I say.) This year I may have called a moratorium on mowing my grass a little bit early--instead of being short and dead all summer, the grass is sending up gorgeous, misty spikes of seeds. I am enchanted.

I have grasses sending seed sprays through my authentically weatherbeaten fence:

I don’t have the skills to capture the gorgeousness, but rest assured, it is a lovely effect. I expect a lifestyle magazine to call at any moment--the weathered-ness of my fence, especially, is hard to beat.

I have grasses being nice and feathery against the tree line.

I feel I could be a small yet carefree creature (perhaps a Borrower), and lie for hours looking up at the sky through an attractive screen of grass. Or if I got bored lying around, I could check out the fluffy seedheads of other plants.

After taking pictures of grasses up close, I looked around at the larger picture, and realized that my lawn is overgrown, with lots of little flowers and interesting seedheads--and I like it that way. It reminds me of a meadow--much more interesting to me than regular expanses of cut grass. When our meadows book comes out in the fall, I’ll be sure to adopt some ideas from it. Maybe I’ll even convince the neighbors to get on board.

Chani West-Foyle, marketing associate

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