Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Black Plants bloom day!

I'm a relative newcomer to the world of garden blogging, and I sometimes come across blog topics that are a whole new world of gardening that I never thought of. The concept of "bloom day" was just such a topic. "What's this 'bloom day'?" I thought to myself. "It looks like pictures of people's flowers. Surely it can't be that simple? There must be some larger purpose."

After much curious browsing of the internet, I think I've discovered three things.
1) There is no larger purpose that I can see - and really, it doesn't matter.
2) Flowers are pretty.
3) Bloom Day appears to occur between the 14th and the 16th of every month. Ideally the 15th, but you know - some people get excited, and some people get late.

So, in honor of Bloom Day, finding useful information on the internet, and the release of our new book on black plants, I am posting some images of black flowers. I believe that technically, these flowers should be growing in my own garden, so I've picked ones that I would like to have in my garden, given half a chance. I am also posting a day late - but I'm hoping that no-one will refuse to look at flowers just because they are posted on the 16th instead of the 15th.

Aeonium zwartkop - Not technically a flower (I'm breaking all the Bloom Day rules in my first post)but look how incredible it looks. If this were in my garden, I would wear striped Dr. Seuss socks every single day in honor of my aeonium.

Helleborus Winter Jewels Black Diamond - I think the green and black combination would make for a really interesting shady spot.

Viola Sorbet - So velvety. Like sorbet. Blackberry sorbet.

Alcea nigra - I love the drops of water on the petals.

Chani West-Foyle, Marketing Associate


  1. Welcome to bloom day, or as it started out, "Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Yes, it is "officially" on the 15th of each month, but some people post early, some post late. The key is no complicated rules, just post about the blooms in your garden, or black flowers, or whatever. If you'd like to "announce" your bloom day post, go to and add a link to the Mr. Linky widget there!

  2. Glad you decided to break the rules, even if you are a day late (I was 2 days late!). The pictures are awesome. I think I might try using more black plants in my designs. See you next month, on time(?)!


  3. That Hellebore is stunning, with what is it underplanted? I love black flowers, but they are tricky to use, and I'm still trying to work dark foliaged Heucheras so they don't fade into the mulch.

  4. The Hellebore is underplanted with sphagnum moss. It's gorgeous, but our Executive Editor Tom Fischer cautioned that it isn't an ideal companion for hellebores. Sphagnum moss likes acidic soil and constant moisture that hellebores would hate. Maybe use a bright green heuchera instead? That's probably what I would try - I really do love that green and black together.

  5. I vote for an underplanting of baby's tears under the black-flowered H. x hybridus! And the gold-leafed baby's tears would be even more dramatic than the green...