Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Location, location, location

One area of ornamental gardening that often stumps me is the question of placement. Yes, I know – most plants that I buy will have a handy tag telling me where to put it. But sometimes it is still baffling! Take, for instance, my three heucheras, which live under the clematis vine.

The middle one is hard to see – which is exactly my point. Its tag said it liked partial shade (check) and moderate water (check). That’s exactly what it gets here, and yet my other two heucheras are doing quite well, while the middle child struggles. It looks healthy enough – it is just small. Perhaps it is overcome by the lovely foliage to its left.

I am told that digging up and moving perennials is a lot less fraught than digging up and moving vegetables, so maybe I’ll just move it. But where? Ah, now we are back to my original problem – placement.

Incidentally, my clematis vine is gorgeous. Here it was in the spring:

I can’t take any credit for placement, though. It was there when I moved in.

Chani West-Foyle, Marketing Associate

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